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One year with Sony Alpha cameras and ZEISS E-mount lenses. Developing my own photographic eye in a in a scratch book manner. Hunting the stream of inspiration and sharing it through a popular blog platform.
This is what 'Days of Zeiss' is all about.



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The regular story...

My name is Toni Ahvenainen (1976). I’m a Finnish photography enthusiast and a Sony photographer supported Sony Nordic. One could say that my personal story and path into the photography is one of the most regular there is among the photographers. Like so many others I was interested in photography already in my early days, but I didn't glue with it immediatly and had some false starts with analogue film and early digital cameras. Sometimes it is a change of life situation is that finally ignites the fire of inspiration and in my case it happened as late as 2012, when our first daughter was born. Realizing the potential of the photography, I finally found the photographer who had always lived inside of me. 

So it’s the regular story, but there is also a twitch in it. At 2014 I started a personal Sony related photography blog which became quite popular in the net.* During the year 2014 the blog and my images were viewed over half a million times. Some of them were also published on another websites and photography related blogs. This changed my photography for good and because of this sudden success I also became a Sony photographer not only supported by Sony Nordic, but with close relationship to Zeiss as well. While these relationships with the industry have given so much to my photography, I’m still small fish a vast sea of photography. I’m not a professional or commercial photographer, nor do I execute advanced workshops in a far distant places. Instead I see myself as ‘some kind of a raw material in a cooking state’ searching my own photographic eye and identity as a photographer – and doing it all in a busy platform called ‘everyday life’. It’s still very much a story in progress and I don’t know where it will take me, but I sincerely hope that my activities will bring inspiration and ideas to other similar photography enthusiasts out there.

* Year of the Alpha - 52 Weeks of Sony Alpha Photography

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Phone: +358 50 344 8489



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