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One year with Sony Alpha cameras and ZEISS E-mount lenses. Developing my own photographic eye in a in a scratch book manner. Hunting the stream of inspiration and sharing it through a popular blog platform.
This is what 'Days of Zeiss' is all about.


Tools & Brushes

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In a search for that perfect setup

Like all photographers, I also develop a certain kind of relationship with a camera setup I'm using. Lived experiences and photographs mold together in this relationship and form a mutual history which also renders a base for my personal development as a photographer. A great relationship can work as a source of inspiration and if you have ever searched for that ‘perfect setup’ you certainly know that inspiration and passion are usually based more on the feelings than rational thinking or comparative analysis between different camera systems. No matter how great things look on the paper, it’s all about the actual experience of photographing and finding a comfortable setup for your own way of working.

While I’m, like many others out there, searching for that ‘perfect setup’, I believe that changing tools from time to time is beneficial – not to find better but perhaps a different kind of tools and use them to change the way one creates his photographs. The act of changing tools also provides a secondary storyline for my project, which also the name this site – Days of Zeiss – refers to. For the year 2016 I’ll be marrying the best of today's mirrorless camera technology, the Sony Alpha 7, with three E-mount lens families, Touit, Loxia and Batis, from the legendary lens manufacturer Zeiss. My aim is to live with these tools for a full year, learn their characteristics and share my story here along the year.

It’s all about the experience

So, on the paper it certainly looks like ‘a perfect setup’ which should satisfy even the most critical photographer out there, but there always remains the fundamental question: will this setup allow me to enter into that stream of flow again. What I’m really searching are ‘tools & brushes’ which will open new possibilities, provide a new look to my photographs and hopefully teach me something about myself as a photographer. While photography is not about the technology – as anyone is right to remind – it still an activity convoyed by technology and finding the setup that speaks to you in intellectual and emotional level is important part of the personal inspiration. Photography should be fun, productive and aligned with one's values and worldview – that's the real challenge of the perfect setup. So, how is my new setup going to work for me, which of the lenses will eventually become my favorites and how will the camera body serve me through the days? This is something I'm going to find out during the year 2016. Bookmark this site and follow my story!


My setup for the year 2016:
Sony α7
ZEISS Batis 1.8/85
ZEISS Batis 2/25
ZEISS Loxia 2/35
ZEISS Loxia 2/50

Sony Nex-5N
ZEISS Touit 2.8/12
ZEISS Touit 2.8/50M

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