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One year with Sony Alpha cameras and ZEISS E-mount lenses. Developing my own photographic eye in a in a scratch book manner. Hunting the stream of inspiration and sharing it through a popular blog platform.
This is what 'Days of Zeiss' is all about.




Why it doesn't rain, dad?

Toni Ahvenainen

Sony A7 & ZEISS Batis 1.8/85 – f/1,8, 1/640sec, ISO100, raw Photograph by Toni Ahvenainen

Sony A7 & ZEISS Batis 1.8/85 – f/1,8, 1/640sec, ISO100, raw
Photograph by Toni Ahvenainen

Like I told in previous post, it has been a bit cloudy and wet weather in Finland for a week. While it annoys me as I would prefer true summer sunshine and hot weather, Aura has been very happy with a rain. It provides her opportunities for puddle and gives her reason to suit up raincoat and mud pants (which I find a bit tired to put on her). One day she noticed that she had totally forgot her frog umbrella. So we had to take it with us to playground although there was no rain at the moment and I wasn't sure if there would be rain at all. Eventually this led to amusing situation where she was unhappy that it didn't rain, while I thought it surely had rain enough during week. Hah, pretty different preferences I guess...

When the circumstances are not ideal, it becomes tempting to leave camera at home and think 'I'll get better pictures when light is better'. Even as I force myself to carry A7 and couple of Zeiss lenses all the time with me, I still feel this sort of voice inside my head which tries to convince me that 'there will be a better day/better light or whatever'. But I've played this game long enough to know that the best images always come from circumstances you expect the least. Here's the thing: when you have great circumstances you can probably already visualize the outcome, control it and come to that point in a way or another. You end up with what you expected. When the circumstances are difficult, it gives you a chance to do something you would not have expected, thus resulting sometimes more interesting images that escape your inner catalogue of preferences. I believe this is why I keep coming more interesting images from difficult situations. In a way, it was same with this image. The weather was cloudy which made everything look flat and I thought to myself that I might as well carry a brick as our way to playground would not reveal any potential opportunities. However, when Aura took her frog umbrella with her I realized that it could work as an element in a picture. In the end her high expectations and the fact that it didn't rain made picture more interesting as a story than what I would have had in my mind in a sunny weather. In short, there's always a picture waiting for you, even in that flat and boring light, if you just volunteer to shoot and experiment!