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One year with Sony Alpha cameras and ZEISS E-mount lenses. Developing my own photographic eye in a in a scratch book manner. Hunting the stream of inspiration and sharing it through a popular blog platform.
This is what 'Days of Zeiss' is all about.




Bedtime story with a Loxia 2/35

Toni Ahvenainen

Sony A7 & ZEISS Loxia 2/35 – f/2.8, 1/60sec, ISO1000, raw Photograph by Toni Ahvenainen

Sony A7 & ZEISS Loxia 2/35 – f/2.8, 1/60sec, ISO1000, raw
Photograph by Toni Ahvenainen

I have to admit that I'm pretty surprised how much Loxia lenses have changed the way I approach my own family photography. For me the key thing here is manual focusing. Now, I'm going to be very straight here and say that it's definitely a challenge with the kids. It's difficult to guide them and they tend to move all the time which makes focusing difficult – so difficult that I would actually hesitate to recommend Loxia lenses for family photography.  

But, there's another side in this picture too. While the focusing is somewhat difficult with the moving kids, I find myself thinking my pictures a lot more before I even pick up the camera. There are scenarios I won't even try with manual focus and the ones I do want to photograph I find myself studying them a bit before I decide how to act. It's totally different approach that I have had with autofocus lenses – with them I used to poke around without thinking so much and trying out all sort of things in a hurry. This, and the fact that it's difficult to photograph certain kind of scenes with manual focusing, leads me to take different kind of pictures. Which in turn changes my approach and style with family photography. And even if it is 'limiting because I cannot capture it all – just to be sure', I find a very refreshing. To be honest, at first I thought that having limits would lead me to situation where I feel 'I'm losing important moments', but now it seems that actually I wasn't very sure what those important moments would be – I was just shooting all kinds of situations without really thinking first. This also shows how many pictures I take from one scenario, a lot less with Loxias than I did with any autofocus lenses. In a whole I feel it's making me, if not better, then at least a different kind of photographer. Though I need to add that I can't imagine of giving up all autofocus lenses. They are very useful and perhaps more productive in some ways, but there is definitely something in going 'manual focus' once in a while.