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One year with Sony Alpha cameras and ZEISS E-mount lenses. Developing my own photographic eye in a in a scratch book manner. Hunting the stream of inspiration and sharing it through a popular blog platform.
This is what 'Days of Zeiss' is all about.




Waypoint two: family photo documentary work

Toni Ahvenainen

Sony A7 & ZEISS Loxia 2/50 – f/4.0, 1/250sec, ISO400, raw Photograph by Toni Ahvenainen

Sony A7 & ZEISS Loxia 2/50 – f/4.0, 1/250sec, ISO400, raw
Photograph by Toni Ahvenainen

Like I stated in my previous post, one thing I'm trying to concentrate on in the year 2016 are the 'the black frames' – something that my inner vision is transmitting to my daily consciousness in a regular basis. But concentrating on photography for a full year surely begs for other goals as well. So what else should I do with this year?

The waypoint two, documenting the family life, is very clear objective to me as I think it represents the most important photographic undertaking that I can possibly do in my life. It's really a long term project of years and what I'm trying to do is creating an imagery of Aura's (3 years) and Meri's (7 months) own childhood, which they can use later on to discover their past and forgotten memories. I deeply believe that taking photographs of your family is the most important genre of photography to many and I can't imagine anything to be as influential than images of the family life lived together. They are photographs that are treasured for decades if not over generations and used for constructing the visual imagery of the past. They store traces and those fleeting moments of life which would otherwise be so easily forgotten. Family photography might be a 'small photography' compared to many other genres which often get a lot more attention in photography circles, but I believe that it is still much more influential in a silent way than anything else out there. You can also take this as an advice: be sure to photograph those who are the most important in your life and capture those moments because time cannot be reversed.

Diving into 'family photo documentary work' is also a task I'm trying to fit to the Zeiss Loxia lenses (Loxia 2/35 & Loxia 2/50). I'm currently very much intrigued by the idea that I would use these manual focusing lenses for capturing our daily activities and let their optical characteristics enhance the images I'm making. I've been testing the Loxia lenses and at the moment I have to say that there is something in their rendering that feels very suitable for this kind of work, but I will have to come back to this later as it is too lengthy subject for this entry.

So, the waypoint number two is the family photo documentary work. While this is something I will definitely concentrate more on during the summer, the Loxias will keep me busy testing them and I will surely share something regularly in coming weeks and talk more about my Loxia experience.

Ps. For this picture I only used a natural light (since like most of the fellow photographers out there, I can only dream about having a proper studio setup in home). There was this beautiful light coming from the window, but it was too strong and directional. I decided to use a white carpet on the floor to bounce this light into Aura's face from underneath and to mix it with the ambience light. For the background I used a mattress with bedsheet over it. A poor little substitute for the proper studio, but I think it came out surprisingly well. Another long lasting memory created.